This polypropylene nonwoven material, also known as fleece, is very versatile and widely used in upholstery and furniture industry. It’s highly appreciated because of its tensile and tearing strength. At the same time, this nonwoven fabric is breathable and it is flame-retardant. High quality nonwoven fabric is made from pure polypropylene and does not contain any harmful substances and additives.
• It can be used as: sliding layer which makes pulling the cover between foam and upholstery fabric easier, sliding layer for seat base, material for linings in the production of pillows and quilts, upholstery fabric for invisible parts of the furniture or material for fabric pockets covering the springs.
• In furniture industry it is mostly used in white, black, gray and beige colours. • Standard width is 1,6 m, but in Licon International we have 3 packaging machines (cutting with requested width and strolling). Due to this fact we can offer almost every width for customer’s individual needs. The minimum width in packaging is 12 cm and maximum available is 3,2 m.
Since the middle of 2015 Licon International has been a shareholder of modern spunbond production line located in Shandong province in China. It allows us to provide our customers with a vast range of width options, including mattress width. All width options up to 2,45 m are available. Being co-owners of the production line we are able to influence the price policy and quality control.

  • Spunbond – Non-woven